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Carpet Cleaning Manhattan gives you the capable service you want for residential and commercial cleaning services. We can take care of all the cleaning you don’t have time for. Our customer service sets Carpet Cleaning Manhattan technicians apart from other Manhattan cleaning services. Here’s why.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan was opened to provide  great carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. We started in the industry years before opening, learning this service business. Our goal is to make cleaning services affordable to everyone in Manhattan. More than a decade later, hundreds of  repeat Carpet Cleaning Manhattan customers can’t be mistaken. If you are looking for a cleaning service or you want a superior service, try us because we deliver the best cleaning industry services at prices you can afford.


We create environmentally friendly and more proficient cleaning methods. We won’t use harsh chemicals that overwhelm you. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan offers great services for sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and air duct cleaning. We are an environmentally responsive cleaning service.

We have the experience to know the difference between the types of carpet fibers and materials that are available on the market today for rugs, upholstery, and carpet. Our methods are matched with your furnishings to protect your property. Some cleansers are better with different fibers than others. There are so many kinds of upholstery that you can’t take a one-size fits all approach. Some cleansers will damage certain fabrics and work well for others. You want experienced and knowledgeable technicians working on your furniture and carpets, call us.

Hiring Carpet Cleaning Manhattan because we know how to protect the different natural and artificial fibers  saves your headaches and money in carpeting and furniture and keeps your furniture from damage. Hiring us means your carpet or upholstery is going to keep looking great over the years. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan gives you better cleaning service using the best technicians available in the industry.

Purchasing furniture can be costly and you want your furniture to last for years. Maintaining it and keeping it clean will do that. Modern lifestyles don’t leave time to  take care of our furniture, but hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you makes sense in the long run. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan provides the answer to taking care of your furniture and we do this at a price you can afford.

Manhattan Carpet Cleaning


Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan about the whole cleaning project. Tell us about what you want help with. We’ll save you time and money while we clean for you.  Our technicians clean tile and grout cleaning using state-of-the-art methods, because there are better ways of cleaning grout than scrubbing it with a toothbrush. We constantly look for new and innovative methods and equipment. Our people are trained  regularly to provide superior service. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is an industry leader in Manhattan.

When you call, our technicians arrive and start with an examination of carpets or tile that need to be cleaned. They look at the size of the carpets, the fiber makeup and the amount of soiling. We are very detailed because we want to do a better job for you.

Call us first for cleaning services, we’ll give you an estimate after inspecting your carpet, sofa, tile, or whatsoever cleaning you want done in Manhattan. It’s your choice whether our technicians continue with the cleaning or not. There is never an obligation. We are so sure you’ll be happy with our affordability that we’ll price any cleaning project you want done, and guarantee it.

Subsequent to this, you give us tell us to go ahead and begin, the stains are removed first. We use environmentally friendly stain removers that are geared to the kind of stain and for different fabrics.  It is safe to your upholstery and your home. Environmentally friendly solutions we use are made from the best cleansers in the industry. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan takes a strong stand for the environment in our industry.  We honestly believe that it’s good for our customers too.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan will clean the upholstery or carpets when the stains lift. Cleaning starts with the application of a cleaning solution to your furnishings. We use cleaning tools suited to your particular furniture item when we go to work for you. Our technicians are always careful with your property. When we work on your furniture, we take a lot of care to protect it. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is the finest cleaning service in Manhattan for good reasons.

Fast Carpet Cleaning Manhattan


The tools our technicians use include specialized extraction tools. Extraction equipment removes all the embedded grime and dampness from your furnishings or rugs with powerful suction. There is no waiting and you are able to use your sofas and couches on the same day we clean them. Keep in mind, carpets that are not cleaned on a regular basis develop into breeding ground for bacteria and allergens.  Our cleaning services cleans your precious rugs to display area condition.

Our skilled cleaning technicians finish the cleaning by applying a sanitizer to your carpet and upholstery. We use unique solutions that kill all the allergens and bacteria. When we are done your furniture will smell as fresh like it did when it was brand new in the showroom. After we are finished, you’ll  have the cleanest furniture and carpets in Manhattan.

. Our technicians use an undetectable coating for a guard against food stains and spills. This will stop stains from setting up inside the material. The benefits of using it are incredible. When we apply this, your furniture or carpet becomes stain resistant. Our services will extend the life span of your upholstery.

Commercial patrons in Manhattan love how vigilant we are in our work. It’s how we approach customer service. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan gears our custom cleaning services purposely for the requirements of all our customers. We deliver expert cleaning service for hotels, commerce and residential properties in the Manhattan.

Rug Cleaning Manhattan


Why does having area rugs make a large difference in the decor of a room? Rugs are a perfect decorative item for the reason that you can select from a limitless supply of designs. Some rugs are very luxurious. These  are handmade and usually imported from the Middle East or Far East. These rugs are normally handmade from natural resources and usually have hand dyed natural color patterns. They are the ideal present from your travels.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is a Manhattan industry leader for rug cleaning. We recognize how much care needs to be used when your costly rugs get stained. Vacuuming with typical vacuum cleaners won’t clean your expensive rugs. Vacuum cleaners get rid of the some dust and dirt from the exterior only. With Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, you can count on our specialized services to protect your prized rugs. The difficulty with cleaning rugs well is that they consist of more than a few layers that cannot be accessed by normal every day daily vacuuming.

You desire your rugs to be from grime and dirt that wears the rugs fibers down. Call us, we are at your service. Typical cleaning of your exotic rugs may keep them looking clean for a while, but cleaning the just exterior isn’t cleaning your rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan uses up to date tools because we know the significance of making your rugs clean and sanitary.

Using our services protects your rugs from additional damage. We use an invisible sealant after the cleaning to protect your rug. It keeps set in grime and germs from building up in your rugs. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan delivers total cleaning results at reasonable rates.

Additional services consist of air duct cleaning, couch cleaning and tile cleaning. When you want our services, we are only a phone call away. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for great cleaning, drying and restoration on all your furnishings, carpets, and rugs. We promise reasonable pricing for area rug cleaning.

Your rugs will keep their beauty and their colors won’t fade when you hire us as your professional cleaning service for home or business. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for your carpet cleaning service. We supply commercial cleaning services for both shops and business. We excel at meeting the needs of commercial clients. Our industrial cleaning equipment handles any environment.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan offers complimentary pickup and delivery service for your rugs. We pick up your rugs from where ever you are. We get rid of all the stains and deep clean your rugs before we bring them safely to your home or business.

We use environmentally harmless cleaning products to cleanse your rugs. We use only the most  sophisticated deep cleaning methods. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is a top NY environmental responsive carpet, rug, and sofa cleaning business located in Manhattan.

We Are A Step Ahead Of the Rest

carpet cleaning in manhattan

We’re certain you’ll be a recurring customer once you try our services. You are going to be fond of our friendly organization and cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan handles all your cleaning problems with our inventive cleaning methods.

Like a lot of people you may be cautious about hiring a specialized carpet cleaning service. It’s thought to be expensive, right?  Our price is inexpensive. You will be given a price quote prior to any cleaning start, remember you are not obliged to have us clean for you after we hand you the estimate. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan and see how low-priced rug cleaning in Manhattan can be.

We won’t misuse your time. Our service technicians work fast and are tremendously thorough. When we are finished, you will be very pleased with our work, we guarantee it. When we are done working, you inspect our work. You’ll be happy you called us.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan takes particular care when cleaning your furnishings. In Manhattan, we are the company to call for water damage. We’ll be there quick and dry your possessions capably. We can help you save your valuables this way.

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Manhattan Upholstery Cleaning


We employ diverse size and styles of brushes on your upholstery depending on the fabrics and furniture style. Leather upholstery requires particular attention to make certain the couches get cleaned with an alternative to soap and water. Remember, even upholsteries come in different fabrics and some need unusual care.

We’ll begin with a careful vacuum of your couches. The diverse types of soft brushes apply the cleaning solutions to your upholsteries. This cleaning solution lifts the stains and other grunge off of the upholstery. The solution lifts the stain out of the fiber, it makes it simple to remove. We use commercial extraction tools to get rid of all the debris and dampness from your upholstery.

After we are finished, your furnishings are dry. No need to wait. You can use your furniture the same day. We make sure your furniture smells showroom fresh when we finish by means of a commercial deodorizer. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan will put back all your furniture to its original place. We make sure you are pleased with our effort before we leave. We warranty total customer satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning Manhattan is really outstanding at tile and carpet cleaning. We are a cleaning company that makes all your grout spotless. We’ll make your floors and bathrooms shine. We have professional cleaning equipment and methods specially prepared for grout and tile cleaning.

We’ll get the outcome you want. We know all your furniture has great importance for you. When you call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan, you get the best prices and cleaning services guaranteed.

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